Determining Your Sellability Score

Thinking of Selling Your Business?

But – Is it Sellable? Or, is the price you’ll receive below the potential price?

Let’s Find Out … !

I. The Starting Point – Get Your Score:

Venture Advisors Business Sales & Acquisitions uses a proprietary tool that will provide a numeric sore indicating the likelihood of selling your business as well as its pricing potential. The process is based upon your answers to a questionnaire probing a number of your business’ attributes relative to those factors considered key by business acquirers. The tool has been developed by, and the results will be interpreted by Value Builder, Inc. based upon their experience with over 30,000 respondents.

Once you have completed the 100% Confidential questionnaire, you will receive a free report with your summary score, as well as individual scores on each of the key value drivers, a detailed explanation of how to interpret and use the results, as well as the average scores for other firms in your industry.

The Score will be in the range of 0 – 100. The higher your score, the more sellable your business and the higher the price you are likely to receive. The below chart shows the statistical relationship between a firm’s score and the multiple of pre-tax earnings (EBT) received in offers to purchase.

We will then give you a call to help you understand the results and discuss whether you are interested in receiving a more detailed Assessment.

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