Why Us

In addition to Our Experience, Commitment to our clients’ objectives, Exceptional Service and highest Ethical standards, you will find the following to differentiate us:

  1. No Up-front Fees
    Many (in fact most) M&A Advisory firms will charge retainer fees to commence an engagement which can often be many thousands of dollars. Not us. We operate on a “success fee” basis. That is, we will be paid our agreed upon commission upon the sale of your business. All of the marketing costs and our time are ours. We get paid when we get the job done!
  2. No Pressure to List
    Many brokers and M&A firms operate as high pressure salesman with the objective of signing a Representation Agreement with you on the first meeting. Not us. We want to get to know you, understand your business and give you time to feel comfortable with us as your representative. In our first meeting we will attempt to develop and understanding of your business, explain the sales process and review your financials as the first step in providing you with an opinion of value.
  3. Written Proposal
    Following our first meeting, we will provide you with a written Proposal wherein we provide an Opinion of Value, outline the approach that we recommend using to market your business, a timeline for our activities, who on our team will be involved with your business and our fees.Only upon review and Agreement of the approach that we have outlined in this Proposal will be ready to enter into a Representation Agreement.
  4. Sellability Score and Value Enhancement
    We will provide tools to assess whether the sellability of your business and whether it would benefit from “value enhancement” – and provide advisory services targeting specific steps that can be taken to increase the ultimate pricing.
  5. Strategic Marketing
    Many brokers will post the business for sale on the internet and simply wait for buyers to come along. No us. Yes, we will post the business for sale on the most commonly visited business for sale market places but we will also seek out potential buyers. Online posting are good at getting the attention of those looking for a business to buy. We will attempt to identify strategic buyers – such as competing firms or complementary businesses (which are often national in scope) that would appear to benefit from acquisition of a firm such as yours. They may not be looking – but we will identify and approach them with the opportunity to see if we can generate interest.
  6. Confidentiality
    We understand that maintaining Confidentiality – from your employees, customers and vendors is essential. We always screen potential buyers and require completion of a confidentiality Agreement before providing any information. Additionally – we are willing to involve you in this process if you desire, by passing all respondents through you before releasing any information on your business, including the name.
  7. Packaging
    Before we list any businesses for sale, or approach any strategic buyers we spend addition time with you understanding the business, creating professional and complete marketing materials – so that we are knowledgeable in the your business and can provide a full set of information to potential buyers in a manner that will show it in its best light.
  8. Working With Other Advisors and Brokers
    You may be interested to know that many M&A Advisors and Business Brokers will not work with or share their listings with other Brokers or Advisors. No us. We will work with ANY properly licensed individual or firm that brings us a qualified buyer – sharing our agreed upon fee with them upon the successful sale.
  9. Are We Business Brokers or M&A Advisors?
    We’re both!Business Brokers typically work with mainstreet businesses – with revenue under $3M, don’t have advanced education, work for the quick signup/listing, don’t do strategic marketing and provide minimal information to potential buyers.

    • We regularly work with business up to $30M in revenue, are adept at handling both asset and stock sales, our staff education includes individuals with Master degrees and a Ph. D., have had experience running their own businesses, were senior managers at Fortune 500 companies and provide all of the services described above.

    M&A Advisors typically don’t work with smaller business – under $10M in revenue and charge significant up-front retainer fees.

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